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New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

Today’s Spotlight Interview is with New Jersey Criminal lawyers, Schwartz & Posnock.

new jersey criminal lawyersNJLB: I see you’ve been defending clients for 31 years. That’s quite an accomplishment! What is it that keeps you passionate about your work after all that time?

S&P: Every case is different. Every individual client has a face, a name, and a story. Each client is a unique individual who has come to us for help, often during a period of extreme crisis. We treat every case – from the local traffic matter to a federal criminal indictment – as if it is the most important case in the world – because it is for our clients. We look at every angle to reach a resolution favorable to our clients. Our clients rely upon us – we are often the only thing that stands between their freedom and a lengthy prison sentence. We take this responsibility very seriously. Whenever someone comes to us for assistance, we provide them with our complete attention and the full benefit of our 31 years as criminal defense lawyers.

This leads to excellent results. Helping people keeps things fresh for us.

NJLB: Your practice is split between defending those accused of Federal crimes and those accused of State crimes. What is the difference between a Federal and a State crime?

S&P: Federal crimes involve an alleged violation of the federal criminal code. The federal criminal code is found in Title 18 of the United States statutes. These crimes are enacted by the United States Congress and signed by the President. Federal crimes cover virtually every type of illegal conduct, such as weapon and drug possession, crimes of violence, business crimes, and regulatory offenses. State criminal laws also cover a wide variety of behaviors, but are do not cover conduct that crosses state lines into other jurisdictions. One of the major differences between Federal and State criminal laws is in the sentencing. The sentencing structure for federal crimes is, in comparison to the state sentencing system, very harsh. Also, the scope of criminal discovery – meaning what you can learn about the government’s case against you – is much more limited in the federal system.

NJLB: You blog quite often about both State and Federal criminal law. I’m a big fan of blogging when it comes to getting information out there. How do you think the information you get out there ultimately helps the end user?

S&P: Our blogs are meant to assist individuals to evaluate their options, and to provide a public service. They are not meant as a substitute for the assistance of an experience criminal defense attorney, but as a way of pointing potential clients (and less experienced lawyers) in the right direction.

NJLB: As criminal lawyers, how involved do you actually get with your client’s case? Do you consult experts or ever visit the crime scene?

S&P: Yes, we become intimately involved in every aspect of our client’s cases. After all, they have come to us for our experience, our ability to problem solve, and our desire to help. Our clients get the benefit of our skill at evaluating criminal matters and taking cases to trial, and our contacts with the finest and most well-qualified experts serving the criminal defense bar. We use superbly-credentialed physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, ballistic experts, fingerprint and handwriting analysis experts, toxicologists, false confession experts, audio enhancement technicians, driving under the influence experts, data retrieval experts, and forensic accountants, among others. We visit the crime scene in order to gain perspective on what actually occurred, including the ability to observe an offense, based on lighting conditions and obstructions.

Our investigators are all former law enforcement officers with intimate knowledge of the State and Federal criminal system, many of them bilingual. We do not hesitate to demand official reports from the government by way of discovery requests as well as Open Records Act requests. We pride ourselves on our relentless attention to detail. After all, your freedom is our business.

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New Jersey Work Injury Lawyer

Today’s Spotlight Interview is with New Jersey work injury lawyer, John F. Renner.

new jersey work injury lawyerNJLB: John, I see that you are an experienced work injury lawyer. How many years have you been practicing Workers Compensation in NJ?

JFR: I have been practicing Workers Compensation law in the State of New Jersey for the past 18 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve. It can be such a critical time in the life of an injured worker to experience the trauma associated with a workplace accident. One day working hard to provide for themselves and their families and the next day relying on an insurance company for the payment of a wage benefit and medical treatment. I fight hard to make sure my clients receive all the statutory benefits the law provides to them including the payment of a permanency award once the injured worker is released from authorized care.

NJLB: I’m sure Workers Compensation law in New Jersey is complex. What is the procedure a person injured on the job should follow?

JFR: The first thing to do is report the injury to the employer so that a claim can be established with the employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier. All employer in the State of New Jersey are required to have this insurance. The second thing is to obtain authorization from the employer’s insurance carrier to go see a doctor. The insurance company has the right to control medical treatment in the State of New Jersey so authorization from the insurance company is a necessary prerequisite prior to seeking medical treatment. The third thing is to keep notes of all interaction with company representatives, insurance company representatives (a claims adjuster will be assigned to the case after the claim is reported to the insurance carrier) and all authorized medical providers. Keep a list of symptoms and document whether there is an improvement or worsening of the condition. The fourth thing is to follow the advice of the authorized medical providers including obtaining the medical providers recommendation on return to work status and also to keep all appointments with the medical providers. And, finally, contact an attorney who can help you navigate this very complex area of the law as soon as possible.

NJLB: I would imagine that a typical client of yours is worried about their future earnings and their job. What are the first steps you take with a new client to put them at ease?

JFR: The State of New Jersey provides a wage benefit for the injured worker if the worker has been placed out of work by the authorized treating physician or has been placed on light duty and the employer does not have light duty available. If the light duty is offered by the employer and the authorized treating physician releases the worker for light duty, the employee must accept light duty or otherwise no further wage benefit will be paid in the future. The wage benefit will terminate when the employee reaches maximum medical improvement as determined by the authorized treating physician. If the client is receiving a wage benefit, I review the amount and duration to determine if the insurance company is paying the appropriate amount and for the appropriate period of time. I also discuss with my clients what steps are necessary to get back to work as soon as possible which is the main goal for all my clients. If the client is simply unable to return to work, we discuss the various issues that arise from that possibility and the benefits that can be anticipated from the workers compensation system.

NJLB: I know you’ve been consistently voted as ‘The Best’ or ‘One of the Best’ lawyers in South Jersey by the Courier Post for 8 years now. Can you tell us a little more about that distinction?

JFR: Each year the Courier Post newspaper provides their readers with an opportunity to vote for their favorite service providers such accountant, financial planner, doctor and lawyer. For each category, the highest vote winner is designation the “Best of South Jersey” and the two follow-up vote winners are given the designation “One of the Best of South Jersey.” Over the past eight years, we have been consistently recognized as either “Best” or “One of the Best” lawyers in the South Jersey area. The distinction is a recognition of our years of tireless work on behalf of our clients. We are grateful for all the people who consistently vote for us year and year. South Jersey remains a vibrant community full of close neighborhoods and hard- working people. It is truly an honor to receive this designation so consistently over the past eight years and I wish to extend a “thank you” to all those who have taken the time and effort to express their opinion about our services.

NJLB: Finally, what advice would you give someone who is considering pursuing a work injury case?

JFR: Keep on top of your treatment, work status and be actively involved in a dialogue with the health care providers regarding what is being recommended from a medical perspective to return you back to work at your regular designation position and job responsibilities. Take notes regarding treatment recommendations, conversations with the insurance company and your employer including the names of the people you speak to and their contact information. Save any correspondence you receive and document your symptoms and changes in your activities of daily living. Most importantly, take the time to consider which New Jersey work injury lawyer is right for you by researching credentials and qualifications. The choice of an attorney is a critical decision for you to make so take the time to meet with that attorney, present the entire case history and make the determination who will provide you the best services possible.

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